You are appointed

 In Daily Devotional

1 Timothy 1:12

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me trustworthy, appointing me to his service.”

When we truly put our past in the past, we realize God has been waiting for us to seek Him and His plan for our lives. He has appointed each and every one of us to serve Him in various unique ways.

No one is excluded. If He can use Paul, who as “Saul” was one of the worst persecutors of the early Christ-followers, He can use all of us! This fact amazes me, but I realize more every day how true it is.

When we first truly surrender our lives to God, we must learn to trust Him one day at a time to walk with us into our future. He does not reveal all His plans for us at once; if He did it would probably blow our minds! We would think we had to achieve it all ourselves, and we might succumb to the pressure we would be feeling.

But in His grace, He takes responsibility for our future asking only that we are obedient moment by moment to the leading of His Holy Spirit. Surrender daily. Listen closely to His promptings. Make a decision to be instantly obedient. He will fulfill His plan through you.


Realize your Heavenly Father has a perfect plan designed specifically for you. Ask Him what He wants you to do today to participate with Him in His work for you, in you, and through you for others.

Dive Deeper: Study 1 Timothy 1; Luke 7:36-50.