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FIJM Jennifer Velasquez

Jennifer's Story: Jennifer Velasquez sought fulfillment in materialism, pride and self before hitting rock bottom. From the outside looking in, she appeared to have it all. A six figure job, expensive clothes and shoes and a lavish lifestyle, all the things she thought she needed to be happy. Jennifer was so empty inside bound into [...]

FIJM Volunteer

Yolanda's Story: Yolanda has been a Freedom in Jesus volunteer for many years. After visiting a prison for the first time and listening to the stories of men and women who just found themselves lost and broken, Yolanda's heart was broken and moved. Yolanda's life mission is to minister to the heart's of men in [...]

Arrested over 40 times

Steve Taylor's Story: After being arrested over 40 different times in 7 different states, Steve finally found himself in the Texas prison system. While in prison, Steve started attending church services and gave his life to the Lord. After his release, Steve witnessed God's unmerited favor (Grace) on his life to the point he is [...]

Reunited with his family

Anthony Perez's Story: Although he grew up in church, Anthony found himself working the street selling drugs at an early age. In and out of jail and prison, Anthony missed a lot of his kids growing up. Finally, at a Freedom in Jesus Ministry crusade in the Jordan Unit located in Pampa, TX, Anthony surrendered [...]

9 Years in Prison Prepared Larry for…

Larry Rodgers' Story: Growing up in a rough time in history, Larry gave up on life and eventually found himself living on the streets which led him to a life of crime that put him in prison. While in prison, Larry met Don Castleberry from Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries who prophesied over Larry that [...]

Set Free from Two Life Sentences

Joe Narvais' Story: With two life sentences and no chance of parole, the warden declared Joe would die in prison. However, Joe's guardian angel... his praying mom had a different declaration. After hearing the testimony in a prison ministry crusade of another offender released from two life sentences, Joe put his faith in Jesus and [...]

From 18yr Meth Addict to FIJM Volunteer

Jennifer Fortenberry's Story: The ripple effect of 18 years on meth was devastating to Jennifer. Being a parent and being in prison was one of the hardest things Jennifer would face. Along with depression, loneliness and isolation. Freedom in Jesus Prison Ministries never gave up on Jennifer, even when she was released and falling back [...]


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