Stop Listening to Others

 In Daily Devotional

Mark 5:40

“And they ridiculed Him (Jesus)…”

Luke 23:11

“Then Herod, with his men of war, treated Him with contempt and mocked Him…”

Many inmates taunt Christians with stuff like, “You weren’t reading your Bible on the street”; or, “You weren’t going to church or chapel services before they locked you up”; or, “Man, that’s just that old jail-house religion, it will wear off pretty soon. It’s not real. It’s just the same old fake stuff we’ve seen before.” I heard all that too.

In one respect they were right. I don’t know about you, but if I had been caught up in God’s Word instead of my addictions, I wouldn’t have ended up in prison. If I had been going to church every week instead of going out to beg, borrow or steal enough to get my next hit, I wouldn’t have ended up here. Are you sick and tired of places like this?

After I got saved in prison and while I was still locked up, I began to see that the people ridiculing Christians were the ones who were satisfied with their circumstances. They already figured they were coming back. They did nothing to change. Making fun of others gave them the excuse they wanted to reject God.

Do you want to be a better person for your family? Do you realize your need for Jesus? Do you want to change?


Stop listening to people who do not have the courage to change.

Follow hard after God.

Dive Deeper: Study Mark 5; Luke 23 & 24.