Truth has Perished

 In Daily Devotional

Jeremiah 7:28-29

“Therefore say to them, ‘This is the nation that has not obeyed the LORD its God or responded to correction. Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips. 29 Cut off your hair and throw it away; take up a lament on the barren heights, for the LORD has rejected and abandoned this generation that is under his wrath.’”

This passage could easily apply to our world today, although it was written about 2,600 years ago and applied to Israel. The most striking phrase to me, “Truth has perished; it has vanished from their lips.” Consider the current state of society. Doesn’t this describe us?

I often hear phrases like, “He has his own truth”, or, “She is living her truth her way”. Society treats truth as “subjective” and “relative”, meaning that it is determined by one’s own mind, or is related to the circumstances at the time. We should actually say, “He has his perception of the truth”, or, “She is living based on her interpretation of the truth”.

Truth is “objective”. That is, it exists outside and independent of one’s own mind. It deals with actual facts without the distortion of personal feelings or prejudices.

Truth is a person, and His Name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth! He is the Living Word of God, and we have the Bible as the standard of truth determined independently from man by God Himself. Deep inside people know right from wrong, but when it interferes with their desires, they justify why it should be different for them.

Let’s decide to seek objective truth from the Word of God, receive it as our standard, and obey it.


Tell the Father you want to better know the Person Who is the Truth, Jesus; and, that you will live according to His instruction by the Holy Spirit.

Dive Deeper: Study Jeremiah 7; John 14:6.