Listen to your Teacher

 In Daily Devotional

Job 6:24

“Teach me, and I will be quiet; show me where I have been wrong.”

The Holy Spirit is your teacher and guide. He will help you. He is able to gently instruct you where you have gotten off track in the past. Be open to what He will show you about areas of needed change in your life so that He can lead you into the future God wants for you.

Pray often for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, truth, revelation, discernment, and how to apply them to your life. These are all things God wants you to have so He will give them if you ask. He has a plan and a hope-filled future for you.

There are certainly ways for you to be more active in the Kingdom even right where you are now. If you start now you will be more likely to continue good habits when you are released.

If your unit offers a faith-based housing area, apply for it. Attend every sort of Chaplaincy program and service that is offered. Read as many Christian books as possible. If your facility offers a spiritual mentorship program, apply for that too. Volunteer for your Chaplain. Get involved with the inside church. Enroll in Bible Correspondence courses.


Ask the Father to forgive you for where you have been wrong in the past, and trust Him by His Spirit to reveal His better future for you. Tell the Holy Spirit you are ready to learn. Ask Him to teach you.

Listen to your Teacher.

Dive Deeper: Study Job chapters 6-7.