Steve Taylor


By: Steve Taylor


During my 35 years of alcohol and drug addiction I did many things that I am not proud of. 

There is one thing that I have regretted more than any other.  That is deserting my second wife and baby girl when she was 6 months old.  That was in 1982.  It was a very irresponsible and cowardly act.  I was only concerned with myself and what I wanted to do. 

It bothered me because I knew it wasn’t right. I did what I did with all of my feelings while in my self-serving addictions - - I medicated them.  After giving my life to Jesus while locked up in TDCJ I knew I had to find a way to find her.  That was in 2003. 

At one time in 2005 I found her address and wrote several letters to her.  She wrote back a few times then she stopped writing.  I had to suppose that I had written something offensive. 

I was released from TDCJ in June of 2008.  During the orientation at the parole office a representative from the Attorney General’s office Child Support Division gave us information where we stand on back child support.  I had paid very little over the years.  I owed tens of thousands.  For the first time I faced the situation instead of running from it.  

I started paying child support and I resumed my hunt for her.  Her name is Amy and I know she lives somewhere in Corpus Christi, Texas.  I found a way to get in touch with her uncle through a friend of mine.  He works at an oil refinery in Corpus Christi.  I happened to be working at the same refinery on a temporary assignment with the company I work for.  I thought I had finally found direct access to her. This is Jan. 2013.  I had been looking for five years. 

After the first call, in which her uncle said he would he would help, he never answered another call.  Another dead end it looked like.  So I decided to try one last thing. 

I ask the Attorney General’s Office for help.  They told me that because of privacy laws they weren’t able to do anything.  The one thing they said they could do legally was forward a letter to Amy’s mother.  You know the one I left high and dry over 30 years before with a 6 month old baby?  How is this going to go over?  I tried it anyway.  That was in July 2013. 

I waited 3 months without a response.  I worked another job in Corpus.  It was very frustrating to know that I am in the same city and cannot get in touch with her.  In November 2013, I found out that my next job assignment would again be in Corpus Christi, starting the first week of 2014.  I figured it would give me another chance look for her.  Then an amazing thing happened. 

On the night of December 1st I received a text from Amy.  I was so excited I had to wait a bit before I called.  Her mother had finally decided to give her the letter she had gotten through the Attorney General’s office 5 months earlier.  Praise God.  I talked to her! She is doing great and was glad to talk to me. And to top it all off she is getting married on Jan. 4th and wanted to know if there was any way possible I could attend!  I told her I was going to be in Corpus for work starting the 1st of the year and that I would be there and that I considered it an honor. 

God is certainly a director of all things.  It turns out she had been looking for me for quite some time and having the same results that I had been having.  I should never be amazed at the things that My Savior does. But I have to admit that I am extremely humbled by His love for me.  Only He could have orchestrated this so perfectly.  

It only goes to show me one more time that He can restore anything - - and in a lot less time than it took me to destroy.  Glory be to Him.


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