Ernesto G. Guillen

Healing Testimony

To all my brothers and sisters in Christ at Freedom in Jesus Ministries in Levelland, TX:

First I thank God through Jesus Christ for all of you and for the great work you are doing for Him. Because of the great work and effort to bring the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to this Unit, many people got saved. All praise to God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for His great mercy and love, and in giving these new converts a new birth and hope that is alive in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Two of my brothers, Don Castleberry and Stephen Canup, had asked me if I would share my testimony with their ministries. It is an honor and a privilege to share this amazing story with you. Before this revelation was revealed to me, I was not a strong believer in God. I believed in God and that He existed, but I never had experienced Him or His mighty power in my life. I had read stories in the Bible where God reveals Himself to people, but I never thought that this could happen to me. But, it did. And now I am a firm believer that He is real!

These days, there are ministries that teach that God doesn’t do anything supernatural anymore; that those things only happened in the Old Testament days and in the days of Jesus. But I want to tell you, Church, that the God we serve is alive and real!! He never changes! He is the same yesterday, today and forever! And now—to the Great Physician – ALL praises. Glory and Honor to His name forever. This is my story:

My name is Ernesto Guillen. I’m currently housed in the TDCJ Clements Unit. I was sentenced to a life sentence in 1979. I was sent to Retrieve Unit and I worked in the kitchen on the slop wagon. I picked up the food waste for the animals to feed. One day my helper did not show up and I lifted these 300 pound cans by myself, up the stairway to the slop wagon, when I felt a sharp pain all over my body! I just stood still until the pain went away. I went in the kitchen to speak with my supervisor about giving me a helper to work with. He said that he would send me one. As I turned around to go back to work, the Sgt. called me back and asked why I had the red color all over the back of my pants. I told him I didn’t know, so I went to the restroom to check on myself. I saw that I was dripping blood from the anus. So I went back to speak to the Sgt. and told him I think I tore something inside of me. He told me to go to the Infirmary and not come back until I was well. I went to the Infirmary and the nurse said that I was having problems with hemorrhoids. I came to find out that he was wrong. That was not the
problem. So I just lay in my bed hoping that the bleeding would just stop. For days, I did not eat or drink anything. I just lay in bed, bleeding. I had lost so much blood that I felt so weak. The inmates around me called the officers and told them I was bleeding too much. The hospital staff came and carried me away.

I was seen by a doctor and told the nurses that I was losing too much blood, and I was rushed to John Sealy Hospital by ambulance. I was admitted and attended to. The next day I was seen by a doctor and was told that I had a rupture and that I was going to be examined to look for it. So the time came, and I was taken to a room to be examined by the doctor and they could not locate the rupture. So I was sent back to my room and was told that I was going to be back later on that evening. The time came for me to be taken back to the examination room. The doctor worked on me and kept saying, “I can’t find
it—I don’t see it anywhere.” It was getting late and I was told that I was going to be back tomorrow. Morning came and I was taken back to be examined again. The doctor was getting a little disturbed because he could not locate the rupture. It was getting close to lunch time, and I was told that I was going to be back that evening to look for the rupture and get sewed up and sent back to my Unit.

As I was wheeled back to my room, I asked my roommate if it would bother him if I turned on the TV. He said it was okay. As I got the remote control and turned it on, there was an Evangelist Minister speaking. And he was saying these words: “There is a prisoner this very moment at a Prison’s Hospital that has an internal rupture, and the doctors haven’t been able to locate it. But God has spoken to me to tell you where you are going to find it. It is on the right-hand side of the colon. And right beside it you have full blown cancer. God said to tell the doctor this – that he needs to take that cancer out
today or else you are going to die.” I could not believe what I was hearing. How did he know about my problem? As I was listening to the man of God, a doctor walks and with him were eight Texas A & M students. He was telling them about our problems. I looked at the TV and, for some reason, the TV was off. I interrupted the doctors’ conversation. I said, “Doctor I have something very important to say.” And he asked: “What is it?” I told him about the man of God that I had heard on TV and what he said as to where he was going to find the rupture. He then asked me – “Okay, where am I going to find it?” I
told him what God had said – that it is on the right-hand side of the colon, and that right beside it I had full blown cancer – and that God said he needed to take it out today or else I was going to die; that the cancer was in its last stage. The doctor looked at me kind of funny, like he didn’t really believe what I was telling him.

The doctor then had one of the students take me to a room where I was going to have surgery. I waited on the doctor to show up. He walked in and started washing his arms and hands and putting on rubber gloves. He gave me several injections to deaden the parts. Then he started the surgery. He looked for a while, and then he stopped, got up and walked to the other side of the room. He was talking to some other doctors and nurses who were in the room. Finally, I called to the doctor, and He came back to where I was and said: “I need to speak with you.” I asked him, “Did you see the rupture?”
He said, “Yes.” I asked him again, “Did you see the cancer?” He nodded his head, saying yes. And I said, “What’s the matter, why did you stop?” And he said, “The problem is that you’re not here for cancer surgery. The cancer is so close to the rupture that, if it should burst, you are a dead man. You have a 50/50 chance that you might make it, and you might not.” He said the only way he would be able to work on me is if I would sign some papers stating that he wouldn’t be responsible if anything goes wrong. I
said, “Give me the papers and a pen, I’ll sign them.”

I went ahead and signed the papers and gave them back to the doctor. And I said: “Doctor, you just do the best you can. I believe God is going to use your hands for His glory.” So he started the surgery. He sewed the rupture, and then he asked, “Do you want the cancer gone? Do you want it cut off or burned with laser?” I told the doctor that he could go ahead and cut it off. So he started cutting and got it out of me. He put the cancer in a little tube that they use to get blood out of you. He put the cancer in the tube and showed it to me and said, “You are a lucky man. Someone up there is looking out for you.” And I told the doctor, “You are sure right! That someone is God Almighty!! And I thank Him so much for giving me another chance in life.”

That has been about 32 years ago, and here about three years ago I was sent to Montford Hospital for examination of any cancer growth. The examination came out negative! There is no sign of cancer in my body – Praise God. I am so thankful that He let me live. God is good, and He is still in the miracle-working business!

Thank You, Father God, for Your Loving Kindness.

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