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“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” When we make a choice to “be entertained” by the wrong kind of TV, movies, video games, magazines, etc. - - and much of it is “the wrong kind”, except for most Christian media - - we usually “zone out” and put our brains in “neutral”. 

In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus exposed Himself as one who is a “doer of the Word.” He was the Word.

He told us how to live. He told us how to be blessed. He is the example of goodness. If these rules were imposed, it would not be possible. 

Matthew 28:18-20 Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go...
My dad never told me, “I love you, son.” No “good job, son”, no “how you doing today”. Consequently, I did not have any love for him, although I see now he did the best he could at what he knew with a 6th grade education.
If you are holding something in your heart against Jesus – the loss of someone you love, a painful memory from your past...

In prayer this morning, I believe the Lord taught me something I needed to know
about my relationship with Him:

From cover to cover, the Bible is about “relationship”. Webster’s defines this word as being “mutually interested and involved” with another.

The words you are about to read are true. They will change your life if you let them.
For they come from the heart of God. He loves you, and He is the Father you have been looking for all your life…
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