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Apr 10, 2013

Forgive Yourself

My dad never told me, “I love you, son.” No “good job, son”, no “how you doing today”. Consequently, I did not have any love for him, although I see now he did the best he could at what he knew with a 6th grade education.

Several years after I was “born again”, the Lord began to deal with me about forgiving my father. I set an empty chair in front of me, imagined my father sitting there, and told him that I forgave him for the lack of love he showed me in my growing up years. You see, my dad was already in heaven when I did this, having been saved two days before he died.

Then the Lord began to speak to me and I was shocked at what He said. He told me I needed to ask my dad to forgive me for not ever telling him, “I love you, dad”, or “good job”, or “how are you doing”. I looked at that empty chair, imagined my dad sitting in it, and asked him to please forgive me for not loving him like I should. Relief came over me quickly.

I did not realize that the sense of rejection that I felt from my own father caused me not to want to forgive myself. When I did ask his forgiveness, I received forgiveness for myself also.

Men are funny creatures, carrying self-guilt and self-condemnation with them all their lives until the spiritual light comes on.

Ask Holy Spirit to reveal any un-forgiveness for yourself that you may have. Get free today.

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