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Apr 10, 2013

Relationship - Part Two

My daily activities and things I “do” (my works) do not affect my salvation – I cannot obtain, insure or make better my salvation by works or deeds or methods. Christ finished this work for me 2,000 years ago on the cross; and made it available for my acceptance, confession and belief in His resurrection.

However, the Christian life is a relationship with God because of Jesus’ finished work – maintained and nurtured through the Holy Spirit. The quality of my relationship, the presence and degree of the abundant life, and the beginning of our eternal life in the Divine while on earth all do, in fact, depend on me. That is, on what I do as I intentionally and deliberately surrender to Him, deny myself, obey Him, trust Him, communicate with Him in prayer, respond promptly to the Spirit’s leadership, diligently seek Him and abide continuously in His presence. The amount and quality of our Heavenly reward and joint inheritance – which are not equal among God’s sons and daughters – depend on us.

Likewise, on this earth, the richness of faith, hope and love we are experiencing – as well as the extent and capacity for fullness of our receptacle for the fruits and gifts of the Spirit – vary among us in direct proportion to our diligence and faithfulness in what we do to develop, feed, and maintain our relationship with God, in Christ, by the Spirit.

Further, our ability to function as clear, unimpeded channels through which God will deliver His Grace - for healing, deliverance, encouragement, restoration, love, and other signs and wonders – is in direct proportion to the extent and quality of our relationship with Jesus, evidenced by our willingness to obediently “preach the Gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the lepers and cast out demons”.

Jesus commissioned and sent out only those twelve - then seventy-two, then one hundred twenty - who were closest to Him in relationship, that is, those who were His true disciples. Signs and wonders followed their preaching of the Good News as confirmation to unbelievers of the power of God, and as evidence of the Divine appointment of His messengers.

Salvation is only the beginning. It is in the quality and intimacy of our relationship with God in Christ by the Spirit that we:

1. Experience the love, joy, peace and hope of the abundant life on earth;
2. Obtain the varying nature and extent of our personal rewards and inheritance when we finally enter into His Rest; and,
3. Function as unimpeded channels for His signs and wonders following our proclamation of the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus.

I must always diligently pursue intimate relationship with God.

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