Feb 5, 2014

Holy Spirit Brings Real Revival to Prisons!

We are often asked why we choose to do prison ministry. Charles T. Studd, missionary to formerly unreached people in Asia and Africa, said it best:


“Some wish to live within the sound

Of Church or Chapel bell,

I want to run a Rescue Shop

Within a yard of Hell.”


We are witnessing an incredibly strong and deep move of the Holy Spirit to bring real revival in the prisons. People are getting saved, re-committing their lives, and being baptized in the Holy Spirit in numbers never seen before in FIJM history! The Holy Spirit is increasing our reach, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Our 2014 Schedule (see upper left) is full, and we estimate we will have over 41,000 “Contacts for Christ” during the year through a combination of weekly services, Discipleship teachings by mail, weekly classes, and weekend Crusades/Revivals. As compared with 2010, our annual “Contacts for Christ” have increased over 600%; and, our cost per contact has decreased over 70%!


We praise God for His faithfulness and grace to provide for FIJM as we  continue “Touching the Untouched, and Loving the Unloved!”

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