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Jan 31, 2014

Taking Thoughts Captive: Idle Minds

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.”

When we make a choice to “be entertained” by the wrong kind of TV, movies, video games, magazines, etc. - - and much of it is “the wrong kind”, except for most Christian media - - we usually “zone out” and put our brains in “neutral”.

What happens when your car is in neutral with the engine running? It idles.

What kind of worldly images, words, ideas, and pictures are we allowing in our minds when they are “idle”? Where are they coming from? What kind of lasting impressions are they making in our souls (our mind, will and emotions)? Who is putting them there? Who is using them – God, or the enemy???

Is it possible that these worldly images that are burned into our soul and consciousness are the arsenal the enemy uses against us when he attacks us daily with the wrong kind of thoughts - the ones we are supposed to “take captive”? Couldn’t former thoughts and images add “fuel to the fire” the enemy might be trying to stoke when he brings the wrong thoughts to us in daily life? Could the wrong kind of previously-stored images and thoughts be like fertile ground to which the enemy comes later to plant, water and cultivate new seed?

The Bible says we will give account of every idle word. Most Bible commentators believe this includes thoughts too. Relaxation is helpful, and the right kind of wholesome entertainment and good programming can be very good for us, but the wrong kind is not.

As Joyce Meyer says, perhaps we should stop and “think about what we are thinking about”, especially when our minds are in neutral, “idling”.

Stephen Canup

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