Jan 6, 2014

Making Disciples, Not Just Converts

As of December, 2013, our monthly Christian “discipleship teaching packets” were being mailed to almost 1,700 men and women in 87 Texas prisons and 35 other Federal and other facilities, in 12 states. Each month we receive several hundred letters from offenders thanking us, sharing prayer requests, asking for Christian resources, and seeking Godly counsel. We are grateful for our many volunteers who help us in this rapidly growing Correspondence Ministry.

Some comments we have received in recent letters from offenders include:

“I don’t know how you found out about me and where I was, but I thank the Lord you did. I need ya’ll very much!” E.R. – Neal Unit, Amarillo, TX


“I want to say thank you for these letters that you send me every month. This helps me a lot. I don’t get mail but every 4-5 months from my family so this monthly correspondence gives me the ‘push’ I need to go on in my daily walk (in Christ).” A.G. – Smith Unit, Lamesa, TX


“I just wanted to write you a short letter to thank you for your letters and the very encouraging and inspirational stories you include. These stories inspire me in my walk with God and help me to be a better man in general. I refuse to let being in prison turn me into an animal, so thank you very much for what you do and I pray your letters continue to come. I look forward to the next one.”               K.H. – Stiles Unit, Beaumont, TX


“It is a great pleasure to be connected with a Godly, loving family. God places people in our lives for a purpose.”   C.M. – Havins Unit, Brownwood, TX


“In a world like we are living in, people take for granted what God did to save everyone’s soul. I have too realized this prison is time for training my ways with the Bible. To save myself and my family. I’m tired of taking His grace for granted. Please send more correspondence.” A.G. – Coffield Unit, Tennessee Colony, TX


“Sometimes when I get down and it seems dark and lonely, I pick up one of your letters and read it, and I feel loved, and I feel God’s presence around me. I’m reminded I’m not alone. Thank you so much for caring.” J.D. - Ware Unit, Colorado City, TX


“At times I feel as if the teachings are talking directly to me.” E.M. – W-6 Trusty Camp, Beeville, TX

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