"Trust the Father, Love Jesus, Need the Holy Spirit" by Carol Breeden

The water is gently rocking the weather-worn canoe as my thoughts drift in the same manner—thoughts and movement that seem to be in sync on this warm, sunny afternoon.  With each gentle movement, I snuggle a little more into the soft cloud of blankets that surround me as my heart soars higher into His presence.  The One who created the world and separated the waters from dry land is now using His creation to sooth away the cares of my day. As I leave the troubles behind and move deeper into His presence, there exists within me a tranquility that transcends all barriers of time and space.  He is more real to me than the old canoe that is carrying me over the gentle waves.

            My mind drifts back into the past.  I remember the various trials of life I experienced over the years.  Some had been so overwhelming that I didn’t think I would survive. Even if I did survive, I would be snared. But, then I remember how Abba Father brought me out of them all. It took a long time, but I finally came to the understanding of just how important I am to Abba Father, of how much He loves me, of how there is nothing too difficult for Him. When I let go and turn the problems over to Him, He always works them out for me.  He always has the answer.

            Abba Father speaks to me now through His Holy Spirit. He shows me what is important and what is not – what is vital and what is trivial.  He tells me to come to Him each day, to sit at His feet. While I am quiet before Him, He prepares me for the day. Just in spending quiet time with Him, I receive the courage, understanding and wisdom I will need for the day to stand firm and stay on the path He prepared for me. Without this quiet time, the interruptions, distractions and darts from the enemy would overwhelm me.

            I see clearly right now.  Words of a dear friend come to me……”I trust the Father, I love Jesus and I need the Holy Spirit.” 

It is vital that I trust Abba Father in everything. To trust in Him is to have faith in Him. To have faith in Him is to believe that He made heaven and earth and that He has the answer for everything we encounter in this life on earth. He is the only one I should run to when I face difficulties.  My confidence must be in Him and Him alone.

            I love Jesus because He gave His life for me.  He took my place.  He took my penalty.  He, who knew no sin, took my sin upon himself and, in turn, gave me His right standing with the Father. It is a gift. There is nothing I have to do, or can do, to receive this right standing except to accept the gift. He is my Redeemer, my deliverer, my Savior and my Lord. I love Him from the depths of my heart. I am His and He is mine. He will soon come and take me as His bride.

            I need the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus ascended back into Heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, He said He would not leave us comfortless--He would send the Holy Spirit. A comforter is “one who walks along side.”  If Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father, how can He never leave me nor forsake me as it says in His Word?  It is accomplished through the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is inside of me, and the Holy Spirit walks along side of me.  The Holy Spirit teaches me, He leads me, He guides me and He always has my back. It is the Holy Spirit who gives me understanding, who gives me wisdom, who gives me the ability to become who I am supposed to become. 

            Jesus brought me back to the Father through redemption and reconciliation.  I can now have communion directly with the Father. That communion is made possible through the Holy Spirit.  All three of them are vital to my life.

            Jesus came to give me abundant life……abundant love, abundant peace, abundant love, abundant joy, abundant knowledge, abundant wisdom. It is in loving Jesus with all my heart, all my strength, all of my mind and all my soul, that I receive the abundance.  When my heart, my strength, my mind and my soul overflow with love for Him—that is when I receive everything He has for me. That is when He can trust me—because I now know who He is and why He came.

            I trust Abba Father, I love Jesus, and I need the Holy Spirit.

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