The Trailblazers


By: Marvin Overton

The Trailblazer’s purpose was to establish a way where there appeared to be no way. They tried to safely lead others to a new place to live. A path which was safer than it appeared, and one in which others could have faith.

Those who follow the Trailblazer need to stay on the same path. There will be occasional hardships and trials, but they only build strength, wisdom, and understanding for the trail ahead. They do not set down by fearful appearing rivers, listen to nay-sayers, or camp where they are vulnerable to any enemy that would seek to thwart their quest.

Followers who embrace the spirit of the Trailblazer may even become trailblazers themselves, and help others to find their way. By the time they get to their destination, they will be known as overcomers; seasoned pioneers, who can send back the good news that others too may follow.

The Greatest Trailblazer’s famous name is Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

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