The Rancher

"The Rancher" by Marvin Overton

I had a dream without any vision; only a clearly overheard conversation between an old rancher and his middle-age foreman.

            “Boss, we just gathered the river of the young stock we turned out last summer. But when we went to turn them in with the mother bunch; well, the mothers and their calves were no where to be found. I don’t know how that could be unless somehow they got out on the river too. Now the best half your herd is gone; probably drowned staying with their babies when the river flooded. I don’t even know what to say, and excuses won’t do. I’m so sorry, and I can’t imagine how much trouble me and my job is in.”

            “Well boy, I don’t know quite what to say to you either. But you just roll up your bed and ride on out south, and through a new fence you’ll find cutting off the best half of my ranch. Me and the boys slipped out and built it while you was away getting hitched a few weeks back. You’ll also find them cows and their fat weanlings I hid in there for a good man who has been like a son to me. Now fix up that fine old stone home overlooking the river range; all that is yours now. You send me that fine orphan boy, the widowed gal you married, raised like a son. He can take your place with me, so you can have a proper neighbor ‘till my race is run. Then this will be his; and when your time is come, we’ll be back together again.”

            Our Lord is like that Rancher. We don’t realize just who we are working for. He is far better, kind and considerate than we know. When we think we are about done because of our mistakes and sins, He has been working behind the scenes preparing a moment to reveal to us that we are still His adopted sons and can inherit all that is His. And that our generations, even if they too are adopted, can do so as well.

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