I Thanked God

I Thanked God!

By: Daniel Chandler


When I woke up this morning I had a smile on my face. During the night I dreamed of home and time spent with friends. Praying, I thanked God for this short “furlough” from prison.


I cracked my Bible and did some reading. The Israelites are rebelling and Aaron dies on Mount Hor. The understanding I am receiving today is better than usual! Praying, I thanked God for another brief “furlough” from my prison.


During my noon-time prayer with friends, I poured my heart out to God. I was asking for forgiveness and favor; protection and financial freedom for our families; peace and prosperity for those in authority; and, God’s will to be done. Also, signs that He is listening. That’s when a familiar song comes on the radio that we listened to in church the day I was saved! I thanked God for another “furlough” from my prison.


BUT WAIT!!! I’ve got it all wrong! It is not a “furlough” - I am free of my prison! Free on the inside!


God has shown me how to escape once and for all. Satan taps me on the shoulder saying, “Look around, you are locked in a cage, on lockdown, and those in authority that you just prayed for are dragging their feet! You are not free!”


I just smile ‘cause I’d be complaining too if I was in HELL! Misery loves company.


I thanked God for freeing me from MY prison. If you ask Him and seek Him with all your heart, He will do the same for you. Read the Word and see for yourself. All His promises are right there written for you to have and hold dear.


God bless you all, and remember to thank God for everything every day. Amen!



Written in Ad Seg by Daniel Chandler on 3/12/13 on the Wynne Unit in Huntsville, TX.



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