He Spoke Not a Word

He Spoke Not a Word


“He spoke not a word”

As they spewed their filthy lies

Although He knew all along

It was “for them” He came to die


They did not know who he was

And felt that they were right

He came to save what was lost…

He had no need to fight


“He spoke not a word”

When they slapped His Holy face

The thought never crossed their mind…

That He has made the human race


His eyes took in their hatred…

His heart felt their deceit

His body felt all your pain

When they pierced His hands and feet


But still…Jesus “spoke not a word”

As they showered Him with spit

A mission bent on love

Our savior would not quit


There was so much they done to Him

Just in case you haven’t heard?


As He suffered for you and me…

Our Lord “spoke not a word”



By: Charles Moore

July 16, 2013

(while incarcerated)

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